Okunikko Family Land Shirane Gyoen


‘Okunikko Family Land Shirane Gyoen’ is found in rich natural surroundings. Taking advantage of its location, they cultivate rainbow trout, Yamame, and dolly varden (a kind of trout) in the clear stream of a Japanese-garden style fish farm.

Fishing and hand catching experience are enjoyable for both adults and children. You can grill the fishes you caught with salt and enjoy.

Study plans are available for school trips and student groups on school event trips etc.

Telephone 0278ー58ー2250
Opening Hours Opening Period: Late Apr. through Mid. Nov.
Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00
Regular Holiday: Open every day during the business period
Parking Lots Available/ Free of charge / Reservations Not Required

* Studless tires or chains are necessary in November as the roads may be covered in snow.


About 1-hour drive on National Route 120 from Numata IC on the Kanetsu Expressway
About 90-minute drive from Utsunomiya IC on the Tohoku Expressway and Kiyotaki IC on the Nikko Utsunomiya Road on National Route 120 → (via Iroha Slope and Konsei Pass)

Address 4653-16, Higashi-ogawa, Katashina-mura, Tone-gun, Gunma-ken, 378-0414