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The hot spring is cherished for its relaxing effects

Katashina village has unique and memorable waters erupting from a thermal spring. They all boast a large flowing water volume and a variety of benefits. People come to fully relax both body and mind. Also, the smooth-to-the touch natural spring water that is colorless and transparent attracts all visitors. You can relax in the hot spring water after an outing or come to experience the beautiful landscape in all four seasons, a bounty of nature.

‘Phew!’ Relax yourself at the public one-day Onsen-spas.

  • Hana-no-eki/ Katashina Hanasaku-no-yu spa

    Hana-no-eki/ Katashina Hanasaku-no-yu spa

    You can enjoy the popular open-air bath, and what’s more, a hot-stoned bath of Kiyoseki, a natural ore mined only in Katashina village known for generating a large mass of negative ions and far-infrared rays.

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  • Yorii-yama Onsen Hokkori-no-yu spa

    Yorii-yama Onsen Hokkori-no-yu spa

    The hot spring source is called ‘Ogakeno-yu’. The simple alkaline hot spring water is colorless and transparent. Hokkori-no-yu spa is located on a high ground with a resting area overlooking the spectacular landscape of the Katashina river down under.

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  • Oze Purari Kan Tokura-no-yu spa

    Oze Purari Kan Tokura-no-yu spa

    Tokura-no-yu spa is found at the gateway to Oze. You can enjoy the indoor and open-air baths boasting the natural hot spring water flowing directly from the source. At the adjoining Oze Nature Center, a variety of useful information is provided such as on climbing, history, nature and environment of Oze.

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