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Our fresh delicacy in Plateau

Dishes made with a variety of plateau vegetables are full of tasty delights. The vivid and authentic flavors will offer delight to the palate of all visitors. Please stop in to refuel during your stroll, confectionery with an original taste and sweetness of the ingredients will relax your mind and body.

  • Sweets in Katashina

    Sweets in Katashina

    Excellent creative confectionery made with locally harvested fruits and the village’s specialty, scarlet runner beans, are enjoyed at restaurants and cafes in Katashina. For more details, please ask staff at the tourism association.

  • Farmers’ Restaurant

    Farmers’ Restaurant

    The cuisines, centering on fresh vegetables harvested locally and in farms, are served in large portion sizes. We also recommend freshly squeezed juices and rice flour breads baked every morning. What’s more, the landscape of the plateau stands out as being especially attractive.

  • Grilled Corns Along the Road

    Grilled Corns Along the Road

    The road that runs between the roadside station ‘Oze Katashina’ and Nikko area is popularly called the ‘Corn Road’ lined with farm stalls selling local delicacies. The sweet and flavorful corn of Katashina has a very high sugar content and is very delicious.

  • Maitake-mushroom Dishes

    Maitake-mushroom Dishes

    Katashina is the pioneer of growing Maitake mushrooms. They are kept under optimum temperatures and moisture level, and harvested at the right time to offer the taste and flavor just as good as those from natural farming. ‘Maitake-mushroom rice bowl’, the specialty of Katashina is surely good and Soba noodle with Maitake-mushroom tempura also tastes fantastic!

  • Big Portion Dish (Homitei)

    Big Portion Dish (Homitei)

    A famous dish in Katashina which has been popular for over 30 years. ‘Can I get an extra-large portion?’- -it started with a request of construction site staff who worked in Katashina away from home, or so they say. Highly recommend that you give it a try!

  • Gelato in Katashina

    Gelato in Katashina

    You can enjoy a variety of Gelato ice creams made from abundant local ingredients. Gelato for example, made with plenty of scarlet runner beans, the specialty of Katashina village, has been a bit hit among Oze hikers.

  • Asparagus Dishes

    Asparagus Dishes

    Sweet and delicious Asparagus are freshly harvested on the plateau. It is so good just grilled and can also be enjoyed with pasta dishes- it tastes excellent.

  • Amazake (Fermented rice drink)

    Amazake (Fermented rice drink)

    This Amazake is made from well-regarded glutinous rice from Katashina, Koji (malted rice) and snowmelt water from Oze, presenting nature’s blessings.


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