Ramen & Manga in Oze National Park Katashina: Kamata Shokudo

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Located in the Kamata area in Oze National Park Katashina village, on the left of my office, you will find ‘Kamta Shokudo’, the locals call it ‘Kama-shoku’. Here you can find great bowls of ramen or fried rice that have been served since 1952.

I only noticed this place at night when I was cycling home in the dark. The place was filled with loud men that I could see and hear through the shop’s curtain. Soon after, I went for a delicious big bowl of ramen for lunch.

Classic Ramen (500 yen)


The idea is pretty simple and typical Japanese:

Decide and order at the bar.
Pick a book out of their shelf while waiting for your order.
Quickly eat (or slurp) a big bowl of ramen while flicking through the pages of Manga.

Vegetable Ramen (750 yen)

Ramen: 500 yen and up
Fried rice: 650 yen and up
Also serve udon and soba
Open: Lunch & Dinner

Katashina FUNtashina!

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