Japanese Niagara falls : Fukiware Falls/Fukiware no Taki in Gunma

fukiware waterfall gunma

A 20min bus ride away from Kamata, in the centre of Oze National Park Katashina on route 120, are the Fukiware Falls (Fukiware no taki) in Numata. Also called the ‘Oriental Niagara falls’, is a beautiful sight in between the deep rock valley. The waterfall has a height of 7m and a width of 30m.

Visitors can enjoy the sight of the powerful water gushing down from very close, right from the edge of the falls. Listen to the roaring sounds of the falling water and feel the light tingling mist of the water particles in the air. There is a nice walking trail along the gorge – you can take the long route which may take around 1 hour or a shorter one for 15 min.

Due to the strong flow of the stream the rock erodes and hence the waterfall moves back about 7cm every year. Also examine the rock formations and the beautiful colours in the valley. All the way at the top of the tall rockwalls they are covered in a thick forest – almost jungle-like. A spectacular sight – very different from the views in Oze National Park Katashina.

Gunma Fukiware no taki Waterfalls

Japan’s 4 seasons also greatly influence this view – for example the falls are very popular during autumn to see the colouration of the leaves.

At the top of the valley there are many souvenir shops – also selling local products and refreshing drinks & kakegori (ice shavings).

Ca. 20 minutes by bus from Kamata station
Ca. 40 minutes by bus from Numata Station
Free entry

Enjoy Nature Close Up at the Fukiware Falls!

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