Oze National Park Katashina ‘ Katashinaya’ : Local fresh food & rest

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farmersmarket-japanKatashinaya is a very friendly restaurant & souvenir shop. It is located in the heart of Katashina village, namely in Kamata – directly opposite to my office and the Kamata bus stop. You will pass it if you are on your way to the Oze National Park, Nikko & Marunuma – so it is a great place to stop & rest. Don’t think this is just where the tourists go, many locals come here to eat and buy as well!


If you come in the morning, around 9:00 – 10:00, you will be able to meet the local farmers that are bringing their fresh produce that they just harvested in the early morning hours. Katashinaya gets new fruits and vegetables every day from many different farmers – up to 70 local businesses sell their products at Katashinaya. So it is a great place to buy any fresh local products – such as radish, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, blueberries…

Radish – typical Katashina!


Typical Mushrooms from Katashina


local-sesame-japan- igusa-egoma
Buy the local type of sesame called ‘egoma’ (the locals may call it igusa). I eat their egoma dressing (560 yen*) everyday making my salad taste even better. Katashinaya also offers ice cream with sweet egoma + miso sauce!


Check out the local soy beans called ‘ojiro’. These are used for tofu, miso and coffee – also for sale at Katashinaya.
You can also buy locally produced pottery, jewelry, honey made from apple tree blossoms, dressing, jams, juices, flowers… the list is endless.


You can even buy a typical alphorn for 300,000 yen if you are interested!
You can even buy a typical alphorn for 300,000 yen if you are interested!


Gift Box Sample: Garlic & Miso Paste, Apple Jam, Egoma Dressing, Sweet Hanamame Beans

It is also worth to stop for a snack or a meal at Katashinaya. Pick something from their varying menu and order & pay at the counter. They offer a varying lunch menu from Monday through Friday for 570 yen*. Also delicious are the locally produced soba noodles and the tempura made of seasonal vegetables. If you order food there is an all you can drink coffee deal for an extra 100 yen (11:30 – 14:00). However, there is always free tea and fresh spring water for all customers.

If you are more of a sweet tooth there is a cake set of where you get a piece of cake and a drink of choice (420 yen*). However, the number 1 sold item at Katashinaya is their Hanamame (flower bean) Ice cream (290 yen*).

My recommendation: quench your thirst with Katashinaya’s Shiso juice! Shiso (Perilla or beefsteak plant) can be found as red or green leaves. You might have seen them as garnish on your plate of sashimi – I hope you ate it with your fish because its delicious! The red leaves can also be used to make juice – resulting in a refreshing drink with a beautiful natural red & pink colour!


Unique to Katashinaya is their Mizubasho cake – Mizubasho are the typical white flowers of Oze (skunk cabbage). These cakes are filled with the hanamame beans (120 yen*). Sadly they are not available from July to August.

Katashinaya also offers free Wi-Fi & also has its own facebook page where it posts all the new updates. Or have a look at their website:

Opening times: 9:00 to 18:00
Eating Times: Weekdays: 11:30 – 14:00
Weekends & Holidays: 11:30 – 17:45

*All of their prices are excluding tax!

On the 26th of July 2014 is their 2 year anniversary – so it will be time to celebrate!

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