Shigeo Hoshino, the station master of Roadside Station Oze Katashina

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'Roadside Station Oze Katashina ' is located on national route 120, connecting Numata city in Gunma prefecture and Nikko city in Tochigi prefecture. It is located on the north side of the village office which is the center of Katashina village. From the station you can see aspects of Katashina's rural landscape, such as the mountain ridge of Oze National Park.
Katashina village is a treasure house for nature, having access to both the Oze National Park and the Nikko National park. Thanks to the high elevation and cool climate, we can harvest a variety of delicious vegetables, such as tomatoes, corn, maitake mushrooms, lettuces, daikon radishes, and various beans and pulses.
The roadside station makes good use of the fresh plateau vegetables grown in Katashina, with 'Farmer’s store Katashinaya' selling these products. There are also many places to eat, such as the 'Katashina Canteen', which uses locally grown wheat and award-winning mineral water (selected as one of the ‘100 Exquisite and well-conserved waters of the Heisei period’) to make their special Udon dishes delicious, the 'Sonmin Kitchen', where local chefs and housewives alternate on a weekly basis to serve up their best dishes, and 'Snack Booth', where you can enjoy grilled corn and ice cream made with 'Hanamame' beans, tomatoes, and apples. There is also 'Observation Balcony and Footbath' where you can look out over the mountain ridges of Oze, a lawn and water park area, ' Square 813' where there is a sandpit, and 24-hour bathrooms (with baby-changing and teeth brushing areas attached). Lastly, there are water fountains, where you can draw and bottle famous local spring water, selected as one of the 100 Exquisite and well-conserved waters in Japan.
We hope this will be an opportunity for more people to visit. We are looking forward to seeing you in Katashina.

Our Concept

Connect, Communicate, and Activate!

Roadside Station Oze Katashina will connect visitors to Katashina with the local people We aim to invigorate the region by introducing the charms of the village to visitors.