Information on the Bath

Kaze-no-yu spa

Enjoy the Japanese rock garden style open-air bath of rustic beauty. A relaxing time is promised at Kaze-no-yu spa.
The natural stone-made open-air bath with a Japanese -style garden overlooks flowers blooming in all four seasons. Taking a soak in the spa will be truly soothing and utterly uplifting for your mind and body.

Ko-no-yu spa

Take a relaxing soak in ‘Ko-no-yu’ with a beautiful landscape of flowers blooming in all four seasons.
Please relax and enjoy your time with panoramic sceneries such as Mt. Sukai.

Onsen Data

Water Source Name Hanasaku Onsen Koshizawa-no-yu spa
Spring Quality Simple alkaline hot spring water
Effects Nerve pain, muscle ache, joint ache, frozen shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, contusions, twisted joints, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, excessive sensitivity to cold, recovery from illness, soothing effect and health enhancement

Baths are switched daily

‘Ko-no-yu’ and ‘Kaze-no-yu’ are switched daily between male and female guests.

Odd-numbered days ‘Ko-no-yu’ for females / ‘Kaze-no-yu’ for males
Even-numbered days ‘Ko-no-yu’ for males/ ‘Kaze-no-yu’ for females