Hanasaku-no-yu spa

1113, Hanasaku, Katashina-mura, Tone-gun, Gunma-ken, 378-0408 


‘Hanasaku-no-yu spa’ delights you with a variety of seasonal charms.

The place heals and relaxes the mind of all visitors.
Katashina Village/ Hanasaku
‘Hanasaku-no-yu spa’ is located in Katashina, a spectacular village overlooking the ridge of majestic mountains.
Encounters with flowers and encounters with new people through the flowers – the place joins the hearts of many visitors.
‘Hanasaku-no-yu spa’ is endowed with pure and clean hot spring water and beautiful flowers all around. The time spent here will allow a flower of peace and happiness to blossom in the hearts of all guests.
‘Communication Station= Hana-no-eki (flower station)’
Flowers bring all visitors together--the heartwarming experience will allow a flower of peace and happiness to bloom in the hearts of many.


Opening Hours
Summer (From Apr. to Oct.) 10:00~21:00
Winter (From Nov. to Mar.) 10:00~20:00
Closed Every Second and Fourth Wednesdays
Admission Fees
Adult 650yen~850yen
Child 450yen~650yen